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  • Brass construction
  • Resistance coatings
  • Knurling: Top & side

Our flagship filter. Competing with the highest-end filters on the market, this brass-fitted 99%-transmission UV filter is made for photographers who demand premium construction, a complete feature set, and uncompromised image fidelity.

99UVBTS | Features

99% Light Transmission

Light transmission indicates the percentage of light that passes through the filter. 99% is the highest transmission possible with glass.

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UV Filter

Clear protection for your lens with haze elimination when you need it. (Note that UV haze only affects digital sensors at very high altitudes.)

Resistance Coatings

These coatings offer ease of cleaning and protection from scratches, water, oil, dust, and fingerprints.

Brass Construction

Brass reduces the likelihood of binding and offers a heftier, premium feel that some prefer over aluminum.

Slim Frame

At 3.2 mm, the frame is slim enough to use without vignetting on wide-angle lenses with focal lengths as short as 20 mm.

Top Knurling

Top knurling offers a firmer grasp on the front-most filter when removing it from a lens or another filter.

Side Knurling

In addition to top knurling, side knurling offers a better grip when applying and remove filters.

Two Full Turns

For better security, our filters require at least two full turns to mount them on the lens.

Schott Glass

German B270 glass from the optical foundry famous for manufacturing glass for Leica.

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